Custom chalk bags for climbers

A few weeks ago I noticed that someone I follow on twitter, Kev, has been hand-making some great chalk bags from old pairs of trousers.

For those that aren’t familiar, these are bags used by climbers to contain chalk, and usually hung off the back of your harness while climbing, meaning that you can add more chalk to your hands part-way through a tricky route.

I absolutely loved the design of these, as well as the creativity and ingenuity of it, and when I saw that Kev had made several out of old MTP (multi-terrain pattern, the standard camouflage pattern of the British Army) trousers, I just couldn’t resist. So I ordered one.

It’s a really lovely bit of kit. All the designs are properly unique and would stand out while climbing, and, for me, the MTP in particular is a nice subtle nod to my military service, so I enjoy that. Being made from trousers, it’s also nice that my bag incorporates a zipped pocket, which is ideal for keeping a pair of keys in while I’m climbing. The trouser loops make it easy to hang the bag from a caribiner or, for bouldering, you could easily just put a belt through it.

The bags are an absolute bargain, in my opinion, considering they are all unique and hand-made, and I wouldn’t blame Kev for putting the prices up at some point. So, if you like the look of them I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with him via twitter or his website.

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