Kit – Iffley Road beanie

Now that my head is becoming more, um, streamlined, I am more and more in need of nice hats either to keep me warm or to avoid sunburn. I was particularly keen to find a lightweight beanie that could potentially do both jobs, but wasn’t so warm and fleecy (like my other one) that it generally came off within the first mile of a run and had to be carried thereafter. The solution came in the form of an absolutely beautiful hat from Iffley Road, a lovely little classic running wear manufacturer named after the Oxford running track where Sir … Continue reading Kit – Iffley Road beanie

Marathon des Sables kit – Sleeping bag

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the most important bits of kit for the MDS is the sleeping bag. It’s important partly because it’s mandatory, partly because it’s so obviously vital for comfort and getting rest between the days of running, and partly because it could easily be the heaviest and bulkiest single bit of kit you carry. Go to an ordinary camping shop and even one of the better three-season sleeping bags is likely to weigh over 1.5kg. Even some described as ultra lite weigh 800-900g. That’s not so much for a hiker, but for a … Continue reading Marathon des Sables kit – Sleeping bag