Brighton Marathon Training – Week 4

  Day (often done out of order) Planned Runs Actual Runs Notes Mon Rest Rest Tues Intervals (6 x 800m on, 200m off) 7.4 Miles at 8:05/mile The only way I was going to get a run in today was to run to work, and run-commuting isn’t ideal for intervals, so I just made this a nice mid-distance run at just slightly below my intended marathon pace (8min/mile). Weds 8 Miles Slow Rest Bugger Thurs 5 Miles Steady to ‘brisk’ 3.5 Miles at 7:50/mile The best I could fit in at lunch time, but I think the pace probably qualifies … Continue reading Brighton Marathon Training – Week 4

Race Report – Nuts Challenge

Although I’ve been focussing a lot on the Marathon des Sables because, to be fair, it’s more of a challenge, my fundraising efforts for The Lullaby Trust actually include another event. That was the Nuts Challenge, an obstacle/adventure race which I did with my sister.   I’ve done the Tough Mudder before and the Nuts Challenge, while shorter, is arguably a bit tougher. There are more obstacles packed closer together so you spend less of your time simply jogging around a track and, if you actually go over the course at a decent pace, it gets pretty exhausting in places. … Continue reading Race Report – Nuts Challenge

San Francisco Marathon – Race Report

And so it’s done. A freakishly early start (my wave was at 05:32) which fortunately didn’t bother me too much as I was still on UK time, some absolutely spectacular scenery, and some genuinely gruelling hills and I’m done. Happy to report it was by no means my worst marathon, but nor was it my best. In fact, it’s exactly my median marathon. Woo. I take some credit for the fact that it really was bloody hilly, but I’d also freely acknowledge I didn’t train as hard as I should have done. Anyway, it was an unusual marathon in many … Continue reading San Francisco Marathon – Race Report