So, this site obviously went very quiet a little time before I was supposed to do the Marathon des Sables. What happened? Unfortunately my job intervened in a fairly unavoidable way and I had no choice but to withdraw from the event, with the loss of my entire payment. It was obviously very frustrating, especially after all the preparation I had done, but I still fully intend to do the MDS at some point in the future, though probably not in 2017. In the meantime, I considered just shutting down this site, but I had found I was rather enjoying blogging … Continue reading Update

Monthly Summary – November

Sort of a disappointing month, in which I failed to increase my mileage or elevation gain (or speed, but that’s not very important). I actually did more long runs than previously, with two big 23+ mile runs this month, but the shortfall comes from having been so busy almost every evening that I struggled to do my usual regular 15-20 miles per week from running home from work. That’s the trouble with the busy social season in the run-up to Christmas, but it’s something I’ll have to sort out this month. To be fair, I am pleased with the two … Continue reading Monthly Summary – November

The Marathon des Sables Expo

Saturday was the long-awaited Marathon des Sables expo, and really marks the start of this campaign (although, with only some 19 weeks until the race, anyone who hasn’t made a serious start on their training already is probably in a bit of trouble). It was very different to marathon expos I’ve been to before, which are normally a quick packet pick-up, a stroll past the dozens and dozens of sporting goods stands, buying some kit or race-branded tat, and then straight out. This one, on the other hand, was more of a full-day conference, with worthwhile talks scheduled all day … Continue reading The Marathon des Sables Expo

Sammy’s Story

Today’s post isn’t really about running, not directly, but I wanted to explain why I’ve chosen to raise money for The Lullaby Trust by running the Marathon des Sables, and maybe inspire you to make a donation. Today would have been my brother Sammy’s 30th birthday. He would be exactly two years and one month older than me and I like to imagine we’d have been close; I consider my younger brother amongst my best friends and it’s nice to think I’d have had just as good a relationship with Sammy. Sadly I’ll never know because when he was around 11 … Continue reading Sammy’s Story

Monthly Summary – October

Very happy with this month to be honest. Despite being back at work I increased my mileage again, to very nearly (but frustratingly not quite…) 100 miles a month which is probably the most I’ve ever done in a month though I’m not going back through all my records to check. Despite being back in London and no longer in the Pyrenees or South Devon, I even managed to increase my elevation gain, due largely to a lovely long run in the South Downs: 27 miles, technically an ultramarathon, and the longest single run I have ever done. So: (Full) months left to MDS: 5 Miles … Continue reading Monthly Summary – October