Food planning for a multi-day hike

Having already sorted out the majority of my kit for next week’s hike, the big outstanding task was to plan food. 
We’re self-supported for three nights and three full days, although my expectation is that as we’re traveling to Mull on the ferry, I’ll have been able to get food there on the first evening and will be able to do so on the last. That really means I need three breakfasts, three lunches, two dinners, and snacks for three long days of hiking.

I’ve gone for two hot meals a day, which are a mix of dehydrated camping foods and boil-in-the-bag rations. There are pros and cons of each – the main thing is that the dehydrteds are lighter, but in my opinion slightly less tasty. The boil-in-the-bag all day breakfast in particular is a marvel. In any case in reality it mainly came down to what I could afford to buy and what I happened to still have in my camping cupboard.

So, on days 1 and 2, lunch and dinner will be hot and breakfast will be musli from army ration packs, which I happen to quite like and most importantly is incredibly quick to make and pretty filling. On day 3 I’ll have a cooked breakfast because why not.

The three main meals will come to roughly 1,500 calories total. Each one is afound 500, though some are a little more or a little less, it evens out in the end.

On top of that I wanted loads of easy snacks to keep me going throughout a long days hike. I’ve gone for a mix mainly of individual malt loaf bars, which are tasty and filling and packed with calories; peperami sticks which are also fairly calorific and are a nice savory taste that I often find welcome when a lot of hiking snacks are based around either sweets or nuts; and some home-made trail mix. Plus each day I have a small bar of Kendal mint cake which is traditionally loved by hikers for being high-energy and not easily melting. 

All the snacks together come to a bit under 1,000 calories, making for a daily total of about 2,500. It’s not masses, not for energetic days, but it’s only for three days and it’s not like I’ll be running a marathon of climbing Everest so it ought to be fine. 

Each day’s food is packed into a separate bag for easy management, and in a fourth, separate bag I have brew kit (instant coffee sachets and whitener, since that’s all I personally need) and other sundries.

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