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This is my 100th post on this blog. It’s had its ups and downs – from starting as a summary of my training for an event that I ended up not doing and then turning into a hybrid running/hiking/diving/adventure blog, with a heavy emphasis on whatever activity I happen to be doing most of at the moment. I’ve had some very consistent months of posting, and then went quiet for most of November and December last year.

I am trying to do better now, and I hope that some of you are appreciating the more consistent posting schedule, which is currently based around a general topic on a Tuesday and a kit review on a Thursday. I’m not doing the weekly roundups any more, but I may do a monthly one if I think there’s enough material really worth sharing.

If you are new to the blog, this seems like an opportunity to highlight a few of my most popular posts, or just my personal favourites, that may interest you, and you’ll find a list below.

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So, amuse yourself by looking through some of these old posts from the last year:

  • WAA 20L MDS Ultrabag review – still one of the posts that draws in some of the most new visitors through Google searches
  • Five reasons to do an Ironman – one of my older posts that I’m personally quite proud of.
  • The joy of trail running – some inspiration to get out on the trails, and some suggestions for trails around London
  • Tips for first-time marathoners – The marathon season is coming up pretty soon, and if 2017 will be your first one, have a look at this post
  • Westcomb Apoc Review – One of several brilliant reviews written by Isaac, a regular guest contributor
  • A Presidential Traverse – The longest and most demanding hike I’ve ever done, and definitely the one with the best views. Some cracking photos and a reasonably long post about this classic walk in the White Mountains

Enjoy, and keep reading. Here’s to another 100 posts.

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