Some news about the blog

I have some exciting news about Adventure Embassy. I have decided to work with James, the author of my recent guest post and the man behind Trek Sumo, a blog which I think covers very similar topics and has a similar approach.

The plan is that all of my hiking and gear-related posts will be transferred to TrekSumo, and so over the next few weeks you’ll start to see those posts redirecting there. Any future posts I write on those topics will be published directly to Trek Sumo, although I will also add links from here. I’ll only be updating Adventure Embassy independently when I’m writing on topics that we’ve decided Trek Sumo won’t cover, such as scuba diving or preparedness.

I’m very conscious that I’m not as good as I’d like to be at regularly updating this blog, and I’m really optimistic that by working with someone else we can start to generate a much more regular stream of content and turn our combined blog into something pretty special. Please do come along for the ride, follow us, share the posts, and let us know your thoughts!


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