Weekly Roundup: 13 November 2016

First off, a reminder that today is Remembrance Sunday, and a good opportunity to take some time to think about the human cost of war. We remember especially those who laid down their lives in defence of our values and freedom, those whose lives have been altered by physical and psychiatric injury, and those family and friends who have had loved ones taken from them.

In particular, I will be remembering the twelve members of the Corps of Royal Military Police killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2007 and the seven killed in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2009.

My usual roundup of interesting stories I’ve read this week:

  • The Guardian: Diver found alive after spending 14 hours overnight in the ocean. Frightening story about a diver swept off a wreck in Queensland which, by all accounts, is known for having extremely strong currents. He was very fortunate to be recovered, which is a reminder to all of us to carry signalling equipment and potentially even a locator beacon if diving in locations like this. It’s notable that he was diving solo which is amusingly described by the rescue officer as ‘a bit naughty’. Although it would be easy to criticise him for this, and I certainly would like to know why he was diving solo and whether he was really qualified to do so, it’s debateable whether having a buddy would have led to a better outcome or simply to two people going missing instead of one. At least he had the sense to ensure that a friend knew of his plans.
  • Cody Jay: What does adventure mean to you. I obviously talk about ‘adventure’ a fair bit (it’s in the name of my blog…) but what does adventure mean to different people? This thoughtful post by Cody explores the concept and kindly includes my own ideas on it, and is well worth a read.
  • Capable Men: How to make a bug-out bag. If you enjoyed my article about having a bug-out bag, this is well worth a read for some more details on specific items that are worth buying.
  • Guardian: Hillary Clinton spotted hiking day after conceding US election. Not at all a bad way to relax and get away from it after missing out on the biggest job in the world!

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