Weekly Roundup: 14 August 16

Here’s a roundup of some great articles and interesting news stories I’ve been reading this week:

  • Buzzfeed: Here’s what happens to your body when you hike the Appalachian Trail
    I’m not normally a fan of Buzzfeed but then occasionally it does terrific Longform articles like this one.
  • Outside Magazine: The International Olympic Committee Got It Wrong by Including Climbing and Surfing in the Olympics
    Just this week I was talking to a colleague about what makes a sport worthy of including in the Olympics. We tentatively concluded that, at the very least, a sport had to be competitive. I’d argue that climbing and surfing aren’t, or shouldn’t be, competitive, so perhaps this article is right. Either way it’s a good read.
  • Arc’Teryx Blog: Divine Providence: Nina Caprez On-Sights Mont Blanc’s Most Difficult Route
    Amazing and understated post about a demanding lead climb on Mont Blanc, accompanied by stunning photos.
  • Diver Training Magazine: Tanking Up
    A useful and thorough summary of considerations when choosing a cylinder for diving. It would be slightly more useful for me if it used bar and litres as measurements rather than psi and cubic feet, but hey. It’s not that hard to do the conversion…
  • JamesStewart13: Find the outer limits of your comfort zone
    This is a great post about the importance of pushing yourself, but not so far you panic, underperform and knock your confidence. Like most runners, I’m a big believer in signing up for things that seem difficult, maybe even ‘too difficult’ and then finding a way to achieve them. But, by the same token, a non-runner who enters an Ironman is only going to hurt their confidence and perhaps themselves.

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