Weekly roundup: 21 August 16

  • Cave Diver Harry: Diver Training and the Five Monkeys. An interesting post about some things we teach in diver training that are no longer relevant or even really a good idea. The point about regulator recovery is a particularly good one. Snorkels I have my own views on, and will write a post on this week. Another one that he doesn’t mention here is the practice of turning tank valves fully open and then half a turn back. This is no longer necessary and has actually been implicated in some fatalities, yet is still regularly taught.
  • The Guardian: The Deep Ocean. It’s a truism that, considering how much of the planet’s surface it makes up, the ocean is incredibly unexplored. There are countless new species regularly being discovered and, with rising water temperatures and acidification, countless more that will become extinct without us ever being aware of them. This article looks at a new project using submersibles to gather samples from 300 metres down.
  • National Geographic. Are we losing the Grand Canyon. Incredible and beautiful but slightly worrying article about a journey across the Grand Canyon, and the risks of development permanently harming it.
  • Runners World. Long Gone Girl. Interesting and sad story about an Olympic Marathon hopeful who went out for a run one day and dissapeared.

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