Weekly roundup: 28 August 2016

  • Wall Street Journal: Patagonia’s Balancing Act. Nice article about how tough Patagonia is finding it to maintain its very admirable ethical standards while also trying to be a success as a company. What is impressive, however, is that it seems perfectly willing to sacrifice profit and manufacturing output to maintain its standards, rather than vice versa, as many other similarly well-intentioned companies have.
  • Outside Online: Bruder Trailers. Oh God I want one, I want one so much.
  • The Guardian: Woman survives a month in the mountains. Sad but interesting story about a woman whose partner fell and died on a hiking trip, and who then survived a month in a mountain hut. There’s a bit of an obsession with ‘survival skills’, with numerous books and tv shows about them, and for most people they are utterly irrelevant but it does go to show that for people hiking in remote places, you may actually end up in a situation where you need to keep yourself warm and fed for some time in the wilderness. I’m not sure if the woman in this case had any particular survival skills, or whether she was just fortunate to have access to the hut, but it certainly wouldn’t have hurt if she’d known a few basics.
  • The Boston Globe: When you find my body. Another very sad story I’m afraid. I remember watching a tv documentary (actually it may have been an episode of a show about the local law enforcement) about this story some time ago, when the fate of Gerry Largay was still unknown. In October last year her body was finally found which does at least bring some closure to what was, for a long time, billed as something of a mystery. Although I’d argue it was really just testament to the difficulty of searching such a large area of wilderness, even with hundreds of volunteers, and the ‘mystery’ turns out to be as mundane as most of us expected, although perhaps even more tragic as it turns out she was still alive during the searches, and had sent texts to her partner asking for help, that had not gone through due to a lack of signal.
  • Runners Knees: This idiots guide to the majors. Really well-researched and interesting post about the six marathons that make up the World Majors, and how to get into them. I’ve done two of these and it’s a dream to one day do the other four, but sadly as a not ‘Good For Age’ runner (yet?!) it’s not an easy task at all.

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