Weekly roundup: 4 September 2016

  • GoHobo: Wild Camping in the UK. A guest post written by me for this great camping, hiking and adventure website.
  • Garmin: Fenix Chronos Announcement. An interesting attempt by Garmin to target people who are interested in daily fitness tracking (mostly steps, calories and sleep) but also like wearing a smart, dressy watch. For a long time I compromised by wearing a Garmin Vivofit on my right wrist but it got a bit silly. These are an interesting concept but for me it’s going in the wrong direction. I have a range of Garmin devices that I wear for fitness and only for fitness, so I really don’t want another very high-end fully featured Garmin (as the Fenix is) to wear every day. I want a very simple, basic Garmin that just does steps, calories and sleep, and is so small and discrete that I can wear it in addition to or even as part of my nice dressy watch. And then I can continue to wear the watch I like, rather than having to wear the Garmin-made one.
  • Garmin: Forerunner 35 Announcement. Another product announcement by Garmin. This looks like an interesting entry-level watch, and it’s amazing to see how features that were once only available on the higher-end products are now available on a $200 watch. I’ll do a proper write-up on this this week, as it’s an interesting one to me.
  • Guardian: Indian Couple Accused of Faking Everest Ascent. In some ways I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more. I’m always fascinated by fakers and scammers, and since I’m also fascinated by Everest ascents, this is the perfect story for me. I foresee a Coen Brothers style quirky comedy loosely based on the story in the future…
  • Lumos Helmet. An idea so obvious you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it. I personally think this is fantastic – maybe not for long training rides in the countryside, but for those frantic commutes around town. I suspect it may irritate that crowd that think cyclists should all be able to drift around the roads wearing nothing but floaty dresses, and that anything that makes us more like vehicles and less like pedestrians on wheels is a bad thing. However, I say that anything that increases safety is a good thing, and I very much like this idea.

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