Weekly roundup: 6 November 2016

  • Scuba tech Philippines: A Fatal Attempt. The article is over a year old but I was only recently sent it, and it ties in strongly to something I was chatting to someone about recently; the way that some of the accidents that occur in ‘extreme’ sports seem to result from people advancing too quickly and considering themselves experts before they have, as the saying goes, ‘pair their dues’. This is something I want to do a more full post on at some point but for now read this fantastic article. Many of the same problems could easily be applied to other fatal accidents in all sorts of other sports.
  • BBC: Ex-Soldier Simon Buckden ‘defrauded thousands’. One that may be of interest to runners, as the man in question runs (now ran – as the account was finally shut down on Friday following his guilty plea) the slightly peculiar @ukmarathonchat account, which started a year or so ago trying to pick up followers from @ukrunchat. I followed it early on before spotting some fairly strange and unpleasant behaviour. In a wider context it’s always sad seeing how people use charities and made-up diseases to seek attention and even money. As a community, therefore, runners are always going to see a certain amount of this but, I hope, not too much.
  • Guardian: Diver may have found lost nuke. Remarkable find on a dive!

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