Why I moved to Brighton

Today is the first day in a couple of months that I haven’t been ready with one of my scheduled posts on time. In my defence, it’s been a crazy few days as I have both returned to the UK after six months away, and moved to my new home in Brighton. As a large part of the reason for my move is to fit in better with my desire for an active and adventurous lifestyle, I thought I’d share some reasons on this blog.

The sea

I’ve always wanted to live near the Sea, and here I’m literally a minute from it. Aside from the views and (in my opinion) general sense of wellbeing that comes from proximity to the ocean, it’s perfect for people who like living an active lifestyle, whether it’s running along the waterfront, sea kayaking, or visiting one of the many good local scuba diving sites.

The South Downs

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of the South Downs for running. They’re spectacular, easily accessible by train, and allow for challenging and interesting runs of any length over a range of terrain well away from busy roads. Brighton is literally surrounded by the South Downs and, from where I’m living, it’s a matter of a couple of miles to get out onto the trails. That’s a massive change from living in London.


The culture


I love the small-town feel of Brighton, especially Kemptown where I live. Sure, there are bits of London that have the cafes, the friendly community atmosphere, the independent bakers and greengrocers and bookshops, and so on, but they’re all ridiculously unaffordable and I didn’t live anywhere near them. In Brighton, I can actually afford to live in some of the nicest and most interesting bits, with the places I want to go on my doorstep instead of 30 minutes away on the District Line…

So that’s that, and that’s my excuse for falling behind on posting. Stand by for lots more pretty Brighton pictures to come, no doubt, and hopefully some info soon on the activities I’ve been getting up to here.

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