Brighton Marathon Training – Week 3

This year I am doing the Brighton Marathon. It will be the second time I’ve run this race, and last year was not a particularly great performance. The 2014 Paris Marathon was, and remains, my Marathon PB (3:36 since you ask). That means it will have been 5 years since I got a PB, which is actually pretty poor. And yeah, sure, I’ve been focused on other stuff since then, but I’d like to get back on it, so Brighton Marathon 2019 will be another PB attempt for me, with a target of sub 3:30.

If there’s one thing the fairly successful Paris Marathon taught me is what a massive difference actually doing some training for a race makes. I’ve never successfully followed a full training plan for a marathon, but Paris 2014 was the closest I’ve come, and it made a huge difference.

So the plan is to try my best to stick to a 16-week training plan and, as an extra means to keep me on target, to blog my progress here. I’m well aware I’m not going to manage it perfectly. I’m busy, I travel a lot, and I have a tendency to get sick when I’m training, but the closer I stick to this plan the better my race is likely to be.

I am broadly basing the plan on this one but with the intention of swapping one of the shorter runs each week for some cross-training. I am currently in week 3 of the plan, and here’s a summary of my progress this week.

Day Planned Runs Actual Runs Notes
Mon Rest Rest Strong start to the week.
Tues Intervals (4 x 1 Mile on, 400m off) 2.5 Mile gentle Was off work with the tail end of a cold, so I decided not to do the suggested interval workout, but a short slow jog instead.
Weds 7 Miles Slow 3 Miles slow Not even close to what I was supposed to do, but this was a very gentle lunch run with a group from work, and as I’m still recovering from being ill I thought I’d just go with the distance they wanted to do.
Thurs 4 Miles Steady Rest 🙁
Fri Rest Rest 🙂
Sat 4 Miles Easy Rest 🙁
Sun 13 Miles Slow 12 Miles Slow Did slightly under the plan simply because of the route we picked, but a very nice LSR along the cliffs.
Total Miles 35 17.5

Not the best week really – missed a few of the scheduled runs, and did well under what I should have. Partly down to being ill, partly down to being busy and largely down to being badly organised. Must do better.

However, some nice pics from my LSR on the Sunday:

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