Brighton Marathon Training – Week 4


Day (often done out of order) Planned Runs Actual Runs Notes
Mon Rest Rest
Tues Intervals (6 x 800m on, 200m off) 7.4 Miles at 8:05/mile The only way I was going to get a run in today was to run to work, and run-commuting isn’t ideal for intervals, so I just made this a nice mid-distance run at just slightly below my intended marathon pace (8min/mile).
Weds 8 Miles Slow Rest Bugger
Thurs 5 Miles Steady to ‘brisk’ 3.5 Miles at 7:50/mile The best I could fit in at lunch time, but I think the pace probably qualifies as ‘brisk’
Fri Rest Rest 🙂
Sat 4 Miles Easy 4 Miles at 8:11/mile Pretty much spot on
Sun 8 Miles including a 10k or 5 mile race if poss. 5.3 Miles at 7:52/mile I didn’t have a convenient race to do, and I was also on a stag do, so frankly the fact that I ran at all is a miracle.
Total Miles 31 20.2

On paper, I didn’t stick very well to the plan, but I’m pleased that I only missed one run, and I managed to get two runs in over the weekend despite being at a stag party.

I’m coming round to the idea that 5 runs a week is probably not really going to be doable given my schedule, but I think I’ll keep plugging away at this plan for now, and if I really can’t ever do 5 runs then I may adjust it down to 4.

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