Brighton Marathon Training – Week 5

This week was always going to be a tricky one as I spent 4 days at a conference, including Saturday, working long hours and staying away from home. I wasn’t sure how much running I’d be able to get in, so basically just grabbed any opportunity I could even if it didn’t exactly map to the plan.

Day (often done out of order) Planned Runs Actual Runs Notes
Mon Rest 7.8 Miles Fartlek This week is going to be crazy, and I had a free evening, so I took the opportunity to run home. Given that I didn’t do an LSR on Sunday, keeping today as a rest day seemed less important.
Tues 7 Miles Fartlek 2.5 Miles slow A quick lunchtime run with my work group. Taking the opportunity while it was there.
Weds 8 Miles Slow Rest
Thurs 5 Miles Steady 2 Miles race pace
Fri Rest Rest
Sat 4 Miles Easy Rest
Sun 15 Miles Slow 14 Miles Slow (8:42/mile) Managed to summon up the willpower to do a long run out along the cliffs. Nice on the way out, but with a really stiff headwind on the way back. Still, maintained a respectable pace, but nothing close to what I need to do for the race.
Total Miles 39 26

As expected, not a particularly great week, but I’m proud of myself for getting back to my flat late on Sunday after a long two weeks away from home, and plucking up the willpower to go for a reasonably long run. It was freezing cold, and wet, and there was a disgusting headwind on the way back, but I plodded through it and was rewarded with some lovely views over the channel and to where the clouds always seem to break over the wind farm and let the sun through.

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