Brighton Marathon Training – Week 6

I’ve decided to change the format of these posts for two reasons:

– The table doesn’t work on WordPress’s mobile app, and I mostly blog on the move

– More importantly, my weekly runs don’t stick all that closely to the plan. I actually feel like I’m doing well on building my weekly mileage and fitting in the all-important long runs, but the two-column comparison format made me feel like all I ever blogged about was the runs I’d failed to do instead of the runs I actually did, which I am sure is more interesting to you.

I’m still, in theory, following the plan from Runner’s World, at least to give me an idea for how my long runs should build and when to schedule rest weeks, but I’m going to ditch the side-by-side comparison.

So, this week’s runs:

Total: 30.5

Wednesday: 2.7 miles at 9:00/mile

A short and relatively slow lunchtime run, but a good little shakeout in the cold.

Thursday: 7.8 miles at 8:32/mile

My standard commute-run home. Hard to maintain a decent pace (or do what I ought to do, which is intervals) due to the crossings and crowds, but I kept a relatively high pace. Ideally I’d like these mid-distance runs to be a lot quicker though – somewhere around 8:00/mile, which is my target marathon pace, or even a little quicker.

Saturday: 4 miles at 9:33/mile

A deliberately short and slow run the day before my LSR. I intentionally kept the pace slow, and just plodded along while listening to a podcast. Turned out to be a glorious dusk run though, and as I turned back I enjoyed the lights of Brighton set against the last of the sunset.

Sunday: 16 miles at 8:43/mile

My LSR. A lovely plod along the coast in freezing temperatures but glorious sunshine. I didn’t have a set pace in mind but set off relatively slow and, without particularly intending to, gradually increased my pace so that almost every single mile was slightly quicker than the one before:

I think that’s not a bad way to train, and I was pleased to find that, at the end, I was easily able to maintain an 8:00/mile pace and felt I had plenty left in the tank. I feel like that bodes well as I start to build the pace on LSRs and (hopefully) work to a point where I can do 8min miles for a marathon.

My injury niggles that have worried me a bit on previous runs didn’t seem too bad, and I definitely felt like I could have pushed out to 20 miles or more without any serious issues.

Aside from anything else, it was just one of those beautiful, beautiful runs that is good for the soul. Sunshine, sea, pedestrian routes the whole way, dogs everywhere, and seemingly everyone in a good mood.


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