Brighton Marathon Training – Week 7

A decent week of running, in which I managed, for the first time, to fit in a decent set of intervals, a reasonable tempo run, and a good LSR.

In theory I feel like the training is going well, although it’s still a little hard to imagine being able to sustain 8 min/miles for 26.2 miles, but I’m hoping as I lengthen the tempo runs and increase the pace of the LSRs, that will start to seem more realistic.

Tuesday: 3.5 miles intervals

A nice little set of reasonably pacy intervals: 4 sets of 4 mins on, 2 mins off, with the ‘on’ at sub 7 min/miles. That’s a fast but sustainable pace for me, and I’d like to build up to being able to maintain it for longer intervals, as that will improve my half-marathon time. For the purposes of the marathon, though, I think I could afford to reduce the pace and increase the distance and/or number of intervals.

Friday: 6.2 miles at 7:31/mile

Something more like a tempo run. I wanted an opportunity to have a go at how a pace significantly faster than my marathon pace would feel over a reasonable distance. Reassuringly, it felt pretty ok and I’m fairly sure I could have maintained that for 10 miles if needs be.

The run itself was a tough one though – incredibly windy, with gusts blowing from seemingly all directions, so it wasn’t even a case of plodding into a headwind, but more of struggling to even stay on my feet or avoid getting unexpectedly blown into the road.

Sunday: 18 miles at 8:14/mile

My LSR went really well, I thought. As with last week I started slow, and then gradually increased. After 10 miles I was feeling good and from that point on I maintained a pace quicker than my race pace (8min mile) and, in fact, often considerably quicker, with some miles in the 7:30-7:45 ballpark, which helped to bring the average pace down to within striking distance of race pace.

Strictly speaking, I suspect I went ‘too fast’ for an LSR, but I found it reassuring to discover that a) I could do 18 miles at very close to race pace and not be a total wreck at the end and b) that I could bash out some pretty quick splits for miles 11-18. For me, all of that points to my target being well within range.

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