Brighton Marathon Training – Week 10

Another week where I knew the weekend would be a write-off, although this time for much better and more fun reasons (which I will post about later this week). I didn’t feel I could afford to miss another LSR though, especially as this week (i.e week 11) I’m not doing an LSR but a half marathon, so I ran my LSR on Thursday and squeezed in a couple of other short runs before then.


Total: 37miles

Monday: 10 miles at 7:35/mile

Since I hadn’t run on Sunday, I didn’t make this a rest day, and instead decided to do a good long tempo run aimed partly at improving my marathon speed but also heavily at the upcoming half marathon, thus a decently mid-distance run at a pace well over my marathon pace and pretty close to my half-marathon speed. It went well and felt pretty comfy most of the way.

Tuesday: 5 miles at 8:23/mile

A deliberately much more gentle, short and slow run to help me ease into the LSR I wanted to do on Thursday.

Thursday: 22 miles at 8:13/mile

My big run. Once again I probably did it a bit quick, coming in only a little slower than my target marathon pace. Interestingly the pace variation was not quite such an encouraging shape though – an almost perfect curve (aside from a slow split over some hills) that started slow, sped up, and then slowed down. Part of that I blame in a honking head-wind and driving rain on the return leg, but a lot of it was very much down to tired legs. My final split doesn’t reflect that flat that it was slipping downwards with every mile, and if I’d had to do the remaining 4.2 miles of the marathon I suspect my split would have been closer to 8:20. That’s not the end of the world, especially for an LSR when I wasn’t particularly intending to get sub-8, but it’s a lesson in pace management.

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