Brighton Marathon Training – Week 8

A weird week of two pretty terrible slow, plodding, purposeless runs, then followed by a superb, long run at bang on race pace.

What I’ve been listening to this week:

Marathon Investigation Podcast

Whatever you think of the Marathon Investigation website (and I like it), this is a fascinating general running podcast but with a strong focus on racing, and of course an even stronger focus on cheating. It doesn’t over-emphasise individuals, however, but talks in fairly general terms. A really good listen on a long run.

And my runs:

Total: 29 miles

Thursday: 4 miles at 8:37/mile

Felt crap, plodded round, achieved little.

Friday: 5 miles at 8:42/mile

Felt, if anything, worse. Plodded along. Achieved little.

Sunday: 20 miles at 7:58/mile

I know I shouldn’t have run my LSR this fast, but I went off feeling good and was curious to see if I could sustain the sub-8 pace. I mostly could, although it became a struggle over some hilly sections of the Brighton-Newhaven coastal path, and even more of a struggle for the last four or five miles, where I reached that familiar point where I could just keep the pace under 8 when I focused on it, but as soon as my focus went off it, the pace drifted a little above.

The run was an undeniably good run – the fastest 20 miles I’ve ever done, and a strong indicator that I’m on track to achieve my race goal. The key question is could I do 6 more miles at that pace? My sense is… maybe, at a push, on race day, but it definitely didn’t feel comfortable. Nevertheless, with more speed training and more long runs I feel good about where I am.

Also, for what it’s worth, I felt like I recovered fast from the run. I went on a fairly long walk after lunch with my boyfriend, without feeling awful, and didn’t just spend the rest of the day on the sofa as I might have.

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