Brighton Marathon Training – Week 4

  Day (often done out of order) Planned Runs Actual Runs Notes Mon Rest Rest Tues Intervals (6 x 800m on, 200m off) 7.4 Miles at 8:05/mile The only way I was going to get a run in today was to run to work, and run-commuting isn’t ideal for intervals, so I just made this a nice mid-distance run at just slightly below my intended marathon pace (8min/mile). Weds 8 Miles Slow Rest Bugger Thurs 5 Miles Steady to ‘brisk’ 3.5 Miles at 7:50/mile The best I could fit in at lunch time, but I think the pace probably qualifies … Continue reading Brighton Marathon Training – Week 4

San Fran Marathon – Expo

Got up early this morning, inevitably given the time difference, and had a lovely morning walk down to the Marathon Expo at Fort Mason, in time to see Dean Karnazes leading a pre-marathon jog. I have mixed feelings about packet pick-ups the day before the race at an expo. On the one hand it’s obviously not realistic for the marathon to post all the packets out, or to do on-the-day pickup, but it can still be annoying to have to factor in an extra day before the race to find your way to some conference centre, usually on the edge … Continue reading San Fran Marathon – Expo