Brighton Marathon Training – Week 4

  Day (often done out of order) Planned Runs Actual Runs Notes Mon Rest Rest Tues Intervals (6 x 800m on, 200m off) 7.4 Miles at 8:05/mile The only way I was going to get a run in today was to run to work, and run-commuting isn’t ideal for intervals, so I just made this a nice mid-distance run at just slightly below my intended marathon pace (8min/mile). Weds 8 Miles Slow Rest Bugger Thurs 5 Miles Steady to ‘brisk’ 3.5 Miles at 7:50/mile The best I could fit in at lunch time, but I think the pace probably qualifies … Continue reading Brighton Marathon Training – Week 4

Mountain Training

I’m now in France for a week – technically on holiday, but in the perfect location for a bit of a training camp. I’m at my parents’ house in the pyrenees, about 800m up, surrounded by beautiful countryside and perfect, tough, running routes including both trail and road. So, although I’m still slightly in post-marathon recovery mode, I’m taking advantage to improve my hill-running (and hot-weather-running) ability with some short but punchy workouts. Thursday was hill repeats, sprinting up and then recovering down a steep, 60 metre hill outside the house, while today I did 5 x 3-minute intervals round … Continue reading Mountain Training

Undertraining panicĀ 

I’ve done four marathons so far, and on the first three I improved progressively. The first one, London, I had massively undertrained for, had a deservedly gruelling race which I walked bits of, and finished in 4:20. New York I trained hard for and, while it was painful at the end, I finished in a pleasing 3:49, a nice improvement that shows training pays off. I trained hard again for Paris and had a great run where I hardly wished I was dead at all, and finished in 3:36, my PB to-date. And then… well, then I had to teach … Continue reading Undertraining panicĀ