Monthly Summary – November

Sort of a disappointing month, in which I failed to increase my mileage or elevation gain (or speed, but that’s not very important). I actually did more long runs than previously, with two big 23+ mile runs this month, but the shortfall comes from having been so busy almost every evening that I struggled to do my usual regular 15-20 miles per week from running home from work. That’s the trouble with the busy social season in the run-up to Christmas, but it’s something I’ll have to sort out this month.

To be fair, I am pleased with the two long runs, but I think I’m going to need to increase the mileage on those as well, and my goal for December is to do at least one 30 mile run, which I am not hugely looking forward to…

(Full) months left to MDS: 4
Miles run: 85.89 miles -13.07
Elevation gain: 1,256 m -298 m
Average speed: 6.5mph -0.1 mph

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