Hot weather running in Massachusetts 

I’m currently in Cambridge, MA – not specifically to train, but since it’s hitting 30+ degrees every day it seems like I should take advantage and do some hot-weather training. I’m not actually sure how much of a difference this sort of thing makes; my understanding is that acclimatisation to hot weather is lost pretty quickly, so this training now, 7 months before the event, might be a bit irrelevant. Still, given how hard it’s going to be to find anywhere to run in temperatures much warmer than about 15 degrees between now and April, it can’t hurt to experience something a bit closer to what it’ll be like in the desert. If nothing else, it can help me test what kit is comfortable and that sort of thing.

I am trying to work out a way I can do some hot weather running nearer to the time. Of course there are plenty of places that are hot between about January and April, but all are long flights away, so it’s not going to be easy to pack in lots of varied hot-weather training, with the right kit. Maybe that doesn’t matter too much but it does slightly bother me that the heat will be such a shock when I come to the actual race. After all, it’s painfully hot here at 30 degrees and it could easily be 45-50 in the desert…

The run itself was lovely, a relaxed jog along the banks of the Charles from Cambridge into Boston and then back again. It’s all pretty flat, and very pedestrian/runner friendly,  so despite the heat I still managed to achieve a decent marathon-esque pace for 7.5ish miles. It’s a pretty route too, going through MIT, past lots of dinghies on the water, and crossing the Charles into the Beacon Hill area of Boston. It’s always nice seeing somewhere new, and Boston is a runner-friendly city with nice wide pavements and good routes along the river. 


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