Mountain Training

I’m now in France for a week – technically on holiday, but in the perfect location for a bit of a training camp. I’m at my parents’ house in the pyrenees, about 800m up, surrounded by beautiful countryside and perfect, tough, running routes including both trail and road.

So, although I’m still slightly in post-marathon recovery mode, I’m taking advantage to improve my hill-running (and hot-weather-running) ability with some short but punchy workouts. Thursday was hill repeats, sprinting up and then recovering down a steep, 60 metre hill outside the house, while today I did 5 x 3-minute intervals round and round a bigger lap, with about 100m of ascent on each lap.

Screenshot 2015-08-08 17.13.19

I’ve always thought I’m pretty reasonable at running up hills (it’s usually somewhere I overtake people in races) but it’s noticeable how much these workouts are taking it out of me. Of course, that’s partly the heat and the fact I’m still recovering from a marathon, but mainly I just need to get better and running up hills. Well, dunes really, which will be even tougher than these hills.

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