I’m Jake. I’m a marathon runner, Ironman, scuba diver and general lover of the outdoors and adventure.

I started this blog to chart my training for the Marathon Des Sables 2016, a lifetime’s ambition and an opportunity to raise money for The Lullaby Trust, an amazing charity doing vital work which is particularly personally important to me. Sadly, a major work commitment unexpectedly took me away from the UK for six months and I had no choice but to cancel. I did discover, however, how much I enjoyed blogging about running and so I have carried on, and also begun talking about some other outdoor activities; mainly hiking, scuba diving and triathlon.


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  1. Hi Jake, I found your Caingorms winter skills post via Google. Nice write up – I trained there before an exped to the North Pole – but some of your photos are upside down.
    Looking around your site I noticed you have a few guest posts and would like to know if you’re interested in more? To give you an idea of what I can write about: I’m ex-Army with a lot of ops under my belt (desert, jungle, etc). Following my leap out of the Armed Forces and into the real world I’ve skied to the North Pole, across Greenland, twice across Norway. Most recent of my achievements was running/hiking the length of Lake Baikal in Russia (about 420 miles in 12 days). Not wishing to sound arrogant, but I have a great deal of experience and a huge number of stories to share

    If you’re interested, please email me.

    My websites: https://www.jamesredden.co.uk and https://treksumo.com

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