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Now that my head is becoming more, um, streamlined, I am more and more in need of nice hats either to keep me warm or to avoid sunburn. I was particularly keen to find a lightweight beanie that could potentially do both jobs, but wasn’t so warm and fleecy (like my other one) that it generally came off within the first mile of a run and had to be carried thereafter.

The solution came in the form of an absolutely beautiful hat from Iffley Road, a lovely little classic running wear manufacturer named after the Oxford running track where Sir Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile. 

Their hat, which I bought in a very elegant dark purple, is so smart that I’ve been wearing it more often as part of everyday casual outfits and not just for running. It’s made from 100% pure merino, with all the wonderful warmth and wicking qualities that entails, but very thin and with a slightly textured knit making it feel more like cotton than your average knitted beanie. It has the company logo embroidered on the front and a neat little tricolour ribbon detail just off-centre to one side.

It’s a nice mix of quality technical materials and stylish design with a classic old-school feel. I’m a massive fan and will definitely be buying some more of their running kit over the next couple of months.

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