San Fran Marathon – Expo

Got up early this morning, inevitably given the time difference, and had a lovely morning walk down to the Marathon Expo at Fort Mason, in time to see Dean Karnazes leading a pre-marathon jog.

I have mixed feelings about packet pick-ups the day before the race at an expo. On the one hand it’s obviously not realistic for the marathon to post all the packets out, or to do on-the-day pickup, but it can still be annoying to have to factor in an extra day before the race to find your way to some conference centre, usually on the edge of town, to queue for ages just to pick up your number and then be filtered through a load of stalls.

Actually, though, I’ve kind of come round to the idea. I tend to travel to marathons on my own and have nothing much to do the day before (major exploring, or interesting eating or drinking being largely ruled out) so having something to do the day before isn’t so bad. Anyway, the atmosphere is nice, you get chatting to people (the running community being almost universally absolutely lovely), and you get to see some fun stalls and pick up a new t-shirt or a bunch of gu gels at usually bargain prices.

After that I did a bit (probably too much, tbh) of walking around, found some pasta for lunch, and now I’m back at the hotel preparing for tomorrow and trying to fill the last few hours before I get an early night.

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